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NEWS | 2011 | Mattioli Woods Structured Products Come To Fruition
Mattioli Woods Structured Products Come To Fruition

16 December 2011

Mattioli Woods Structured Products Come To Fruition

Against an uncertain economic backdrop, the Credit Suisse 5 Year Guaranteed Capital Digital Plan with potential deferred income, distributed exclusively by Mattioli Woods plc will pay income of 13.5% to investors following the observation date of 12 December 2011. The plan, which was a deposit account with a fixed 5-year investment term, allowed investors to benefit from potential high levels of income with the comfort of 100% capital security, provided the plan was held for the full fixed investment term.

The 13.5% income was dependent on the FTSE 100 not falling by more than 40% and, despite the difficult economic and investment conditions over the last three years, the FTSE 100 has not breached the 2,568 level. A further 13.5% income will be paid in December 2012 and December 2013 if the FTSE 100 does not fall below this level over the next two years.

Another structured product, the Credit Suisse Capital Secure with potential income is also set to pay out 6.5% income following the observation date. Investment Manager, Ben Wattam commented;

“This is a really pleasing result from plans which were structured at a time of significant economic and investment uncertainty and they are starting to bear fruit for those clients who adopted a longer-term strategy. 13.5% and 6.5% are excellent levels of income when interest rates for cash deposits continue to be so low”.

Since 2005, pensions and wealth manager Mattioli Woods has developed a portfolio of structured products. Whilst there are a number of variations, in essence, a structured product provides a high level of capital security but with returns correlated with the performance of various investment markets. Clients are encouraged to invest in relatively small denominations, sequentially, over time. In this way, a portfolio can be built that can provide a very high level of capital security with investment returns linked to the performance of some of the most exciting investment markets around the world.

“We believe that structured products have an important role to play in investment planning and long-term savings. There has been clear demand from clients over the past year looking for a higher return than is currently available in this low interest rate environment. Through our strong banking relationships and our economies of scale, we are able to create bespoke structured products and deposits suitable for meeting our client’s objectives” added Bob Woods, Chairman.

The Mattioli Woods investment portfolio of structured products now totals over £100m and lies at the heart of the developing broader wealth management business.

Notes to Editor

• Mattioli Woods provide integrated services for individuals, embracing pension consultancy, with a strong specialism in self-invested personal pension schemes and small self-administered pension schemes; personal investment and estate planning.
• For corporate clients, Mattioli Woods provides a comprehensive range of employee benefits services
• For all media enquiries, contact Mark Slaviero, Group Marketing Strategy Manager mark.slaviero@mattioli-woods.com