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NEWS | 2012 | Mattioli Woods strongly recommends Investec structured product as closing date approaches

11 Apr 2012

Mattioli Woods strongly recommends Investec structured product as closing date approaches

Following the successful maturity of the Investec Kick-Out Deposit Plan 10 Option 1 on 22 March 2012 with a 13% return, the kick-out deposit plan 27 remains open to rollover the proceeds until Friday 20 April 2012.

The early maturity of kick-out plan 10 encapsulates the benefits of the Mattioli Woods structured product strategy. The FTSE 100 was up just 3.5% over the two-year term of the plan, yet the plan 10 matured with a 13% return together with the full return of capital. We are recommending to clients that this is rolled over into Investec’s new kick-out deposit plan 27.

Plan 27 has a similar structure to the plan which is maturing and offers an annual kick-out opportunity from year two onwards. If the FTSE 100 is up by any amount at the second, third, fourth or fifth anniversary date, the plan will mature with the full return of capital plus 6.25% for each year the plan has been in force. For example, if the plan was to mature at its first opportunity in year 2, it will mature with 12.5% growth. Subject to Investec’s ongoing solvency, there is no capital at risk. If the FTSE 100 is not up at any anniversary, the initial investment will be returned without any growth applied.

Ben Wattam, Investment Manager commented; “This is an attractive opportunity, especially with interest rates remaining at all-time low levels and we are urging clients to consider this plan before it closes shortly”.

The plan is open for new investment up to 13 April 2012 and for rollover investment (from plan 10) up to 20 April 2012.

Further information on structured products can be found on the structured products page of the Mattioli Woods website. Specific product details on areas such as capital protection, potential returns, costs, etc. can be found in each plan brochure.